Senior Software Engineer - API at Twilio
San Francisco, CA, US
The API team is responsible for the front door of Twilio’s REST API. An edge platform team, our API layer is a high-availability, low-latency machine that processes all of Twilio’s REST API traffic, nearly 3 billion API requests a week, with five 9s, 99.999%, of uptime. We own and develop helper libraries in six languages that 90% of our customers use to access our APIs. Ease of use and consistency are top of mind; we pride ourselves on getting new developers up and running with Twilio in under 5 minutes.

About the job:

We are looking for someone who is interested in joining the API team and the Platform Engineering organization to help enable our customers’ access to and use of our REST APIs. We seek fantastic, passionate, motivated, empathetic, customer-serving engineers that want to help Twilio fuel the future of communication. The person in this role will receive exposure to the unique set of challenges that come from scaling global services that run at 99.999% availability.


Help mentor and develop junior engineers
Help guide requirements and roadmap
Help build new services using open source technology and tools
Drive quality by writing high quality, effective unit tests and functional tests for high availability systems and libraries.
Break down requirements, plan and estimate tasks; release frequently to production in 2-week sprints.
Able to debug production systems
Fix bugs and maintain existing services and tools
Be on-call and participate in post-mortems, incident resolution, and operational reviews

Vision - Can you envision a product or service before one exists? Do you have experience in ideating, designing, and executing your vision to completion? Twilions are expected to dream it and build it.
Verbal Communication - Able to communicate complex technical ideas easily and clearly? Distributed computing is complex and requires influential engineers to be able to clearly communicate to their peers.
Data Modeling - Can you model data effectively and clearly? People that can make complex things simple is a valuable skill in making simple and meaningful APIs.
Distributed systems - We are a global telecom built in the cloud. We value systems that are resilient, elastic and horizontal scalable. Our engineers are CAP aware, and know how to design, build, monitor, and debug distributed systems.
Framework Development - We build and use frameworks to increase the efficiency and leverage of our team. Our tools and services provide a self-service mechanism for Twilio engineers to publish their APIs and add them to our helper libraries.
Operational Rigor - Twilio has a strong devops culture with individual teams owning and operating their own services. If you have designed or helped build services at scale, understand the importance of meaningful metrics, you are a great fit for our team.
HTTP - We are the API team at an API company. As HTTP is the foundation of our APIs, knowledge of HTTP and its constructs are meaningful to us.
Polyglot Development - As we develop helper libraries for six languages: Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, Python, and Node, it is useful if you are able to code in multiple languages.
Agile - We value the ability to ship excellent software quickly and frequently. A proven ability to work on closely-knit teams using Agile methodologies such as Scrum is highly valued.
Passion - Passionate. Persistent. Creative. You find clever ways around problems, or just plow through them. You are entrepreneurial, and want to get things done. You have high aptitude, and always seek new challenges.
8+ years of experience in a Software Development role
Bonus points:

Have you built an API, Client library, or SDK? Do you love helping and enabling other developers? If so, we are interested in meeting you.
You’ve worked on the platform team for an “IaaS”, “PaaS”, or “SaaS” company.
You contribute to or maintain an open source project.
You've developed an app using Twilio API.