Senior Software Engineer- Authy at Twilio
Bogota, CO
Make a significant impact in this fast-paced role with Authy, an industry-leading cloud-based Two-factor Authentication (2FA) solution, part of Twilio, a fast growing, well respected, leading SaaS-based telecommunications company. You will be helping to secure the accounts of consumers and employees of our customers, against the increasingly common problems with stolen username and password lists, such as the recent breaches at Target, Home Depot, HipChat, Twitch and Slack

User identity is core to secure communications, and businesses need a simple and more cost-effective way to validate user identity. Together, Authy and Twilio will address the growing need for stronger authentication methods in an increasingly connected world. Passwords aren't enough anymore. No other security company has gone as far as Authy to provide a secure yet simple user experience. That's why now, as part of the Twilio family, Authy helps more than 1 million people to protect their most important accounts.


Working on the Authy platform as a senior resource to the team.
Work on the leading Two-Factor Authentication platform and all of its infrastructure.
Collaborate with Product Managers, Architects and Engineering leaders to define, architect and build the future of authentication technology.
Bring creativity and fresh thought to the system design process on a daily basis.

5 years of full stack development experience with deep back-end and front-end knowledge.
Strong Ruby and Linux skills, preferably with hands-on Amazon Web Services experience.
Must be an expert developer in at least two programming languages.
Release, monitor, and maintain features in a responsible, reliable way as part of our integrated DevOps practices.
Rock solid technical foundation. Algorithms, data structures and systems architecture.
Bonus points:

Go language and/or C++ proficiency a strong plus
Show a demonstrable track record in successful startups or open source software projects