Research Scientist Staff at Cylance
Portland, OR, US / Austin, TX, US / Irvine, CA, US
Corp Office - Portland, OR I Corp Office - Austin I HQ - Irvine, CA | R00544

Cylance is one of the fastest growing companies in the history of cybersecurity. By successfully applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to crack the DNA of malware, Cylance has redefined the endpoint protection market, garnered acclaim from industry analysts and won numerous awards including “Best Emerging Vendor” from SC Magazine. If you have the passion and desire to disrupt industries, protect the world from cyberattacks, and be at the forefront of a revolutionary new technology, we want you to join us!

At the heart of Cylance’s industry-leading Machine learning algorithm is the data that drives malware analysis models. Obtaining rich data requires expertise in several areas of program analysis. Within Cylance’s research and Intelligence team we work on solving complex program analysis problems to extract accurate and rich data that helps us create scalable and practical solutions.
You'll be joining our core research team, working on state of the art static and dynamic analysis algorithms that feed into machine learning solutions. This team of researchers are experts in the OS internals, threat landscape as well as reversing assembly code and writing disassemblers, emulators and decompilers. As a part of this core team, your main responsibility will be to create research tools and prototypes. Additionally, your responsibilities will include working closely with many different teams within Cylance to understand their workflow and requirements to most effectively provide efficient solutions and algorithms.
Develop, harden, extend and deploy solutions that further enhance Cylance’s program analysis capabilities.
Understand compiler and loader internals and create solutions that can effectively describe program capabilities.
Work closely with Threat Analysis teams within Cylance to understand the threat landscape and bring out features to feed machine learning teams.
Work closely with machine learning teams to understand how the program analysis data can be used, you are the subject matter expert for the data.
Work closely with backend and infrastructure teams to deploy your solutions in backend frameworks.
Work closely with endpoint product teams to understand the requirements of running complex algorithms at scale and efficiently on endpoint machines.
Thrive in a rapid development environment with an intense focus on quality
3+ years of program analysis experience.
5+ years of reverse engineering experience.
5+ years of software development expeirence.
Understanding of compiler internals and program loader behavior is a plus.
Should be comfortable analyzing malware and understanding the underlying program analysis challenges.
Experience with writing unit tests and quality control in software.
Expertise in programming languages like C#, C++ as well as scripting languages like Python.
Familiarity with Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies including EC2, S3, RDS, ELB, and Elasticache
Extensive experience with common security, source control and administration tools including Git, VPN, Secure Shell, etc.
Work independently with substantial latitude for action and decision while maintaining focus on achieving optimal outcomes as part of a collaborative development effort
Flexible and adaptable self-starter with strong relationship-building skills
Must have a passion for your work and an ability to apply that passion to both daily tasks and larger projects
Collaborative and team-oriented attitude
Effective problem-solving capabilities
Takes initiative and approaches all tasks and projects proactively
Ability to prioritize and complete multiple tasks with little to no supervision
Intellectual curiosity, humility, accountability and positive approach
Requires the ability to work independently with substantial latitude for action and decision while maintaining focus on achieving optimal outcomes as part of a collaborative development effort
Knowledge of Windows Internals and Kernel programming is a plus
Malware analysis hands on experience is a plus.
Current resume
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