Senior Business Operations and Data Analyst at Periscope
San Francisco, CA, US

We’re looking for resourceful data analysts that are unconventionally curious, rigorous in their attention to detail, and maintain a healthy degree of skepticism. You should be technically adept and posses a strong eye for business, with a passion for making an impact through creative storytelling and timely actions.


Our customers drive us: Our first PM and our Head of Analytics were both power users before we convinced them to join us. One of our analysts had reached out for an opportunity, before there was a job opening even posted!

Help build a better product for yourself: In marketing, they say “remember, you’re not the target audience”. But what if you were?! Imagine working for a company focused around building a product whose key persona is YOU.

Solve challenging business problems: We are growing more than 2x in headcount year over year, and have the exciting challenges that come along with that. Help inform complex business decisions with analytical insight (ie. should we open an office in London?). Answer the why with data.

Be the industry trend: The industry is evolving - systems are moving to the cloud, ownership is being reduced in favor of SaaS, data is becoming prolific. Come participate in driving those changes, from workflow optimization, to analytical thought leadership.


Within your first week:

You will interact with, and learn the business from most of the key business owners in the company, including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support / Solutions, Product, and Engineering.
By Day 30:

You will know 90% of our data structure, be confident in querying both our data model, and that of our tools (including, but not limited to SFDC, Zoura, Recurly, Stripe, etc.) and will be increasing the availability of data across the company, all while dogfooding our own product!
By Day 60:

You will be writing ETL scripts in SQL and Python to retrieve unstructured data from the depths of S3 and code business logic into structured data transformations. You will be running predictive models against sales activity data, marketing attribution data, and customer interaction logs. You will start to identify and take on projects that directly drive revenue.
By Day 90:

You will make recommendations that directly influence business outcomes. You will identify areas of opportunity, spin up cross functional teams, and report on successes.

You have run analytics for company wide initiatives that involved utilizing Python knowledge to parse logs, in-depth SQL experience to wrangle messy data, and warehousing expertise to construct efficient ETLs and clean data marts that are ready for business-user exploration. All of this was done in efficient, legible, and commented code (bonus if you can submit samples!)
Your understanding of modern object oriented languages (Ruby, etc) has enabled you to unravel product code and track down data anomalies.
Your data adventures have taken you through charge / invoice, subscription, CRM, usage, clickstream, pricing, marketing schema and more. Your endless curiosity has identified patterns in these models and enabled you to construct data transformations that make them insights-ready.
Your structured analytical approach to problem solving and project management knack have allowed you to scope, communicate, execute on, and deliver projects that others shy away from. Have you ever implemented a billing system? Migrated from invoice-linked refunds to charge-based ones? Evaluated marketing performance based on handwritten utm parameters?
You have designed, documented, and evaluated A/B tests to deliver product, sales, and marketing insights.
Mastered strong verbal, written, and visual communication skills have gotten your work in front of the executives and prospects at your company, opening the door for you to wow them with your non-obvious insights.
Startups change direction quickly, and so do you! You’ve spun up a “startup within a startup”, tested an MVP product direction, or dropped a seemingly successful initiative to make room for one with an even larger opportunity. Pivoting is your middle name.
Your ability to prioritize and set direction in a dynamic environment has allowed you to identify the diamonds in the rough and polish them to game-changing initiatives.
You have implemented and propagated the use of several BI solutions (MicroStrategy, Qlikview, Tableau, Looker etc.) to increase accurate data availability within a company.

We're a small, venture-funded team with hundreds of customers working out of SOMA, SF.
We're a kind, curious, tight-knit bunch. We eat together, toast our shared accomplishments together, and often spend holidays and ski trips together.
We are on-boarding rapidly! The team grew from 5 to 20 in 2015, to 70 in 2016 and will grow to 140+ in 2017.
We believe strongly in a data-driven approach to all that we do. We're constantly measuring and optimizing everything about the business.
We have close relationships with our customers. We see customers several times a month, and email with them weekly.