DataStax Analytics Consultant at DataStax
United States of America
Job Description Summary:
DataStax, the leader in data management for cloud applications, is seeking a talented DataStax Analytics Consultant to join our team.
Job Description:
At DataStax we are on the forefront of an incredible market opportunity with life-changing technology. We are looking for individuals who are ready to make an impact and able to thrive in a rapidly growing environment. Huge market, amazing technology and talented people are all great reasons to join DataStax.
As a DataStax Consultant, you are a trusted advisor to our customers as they build new technologies that leverage the unique strengths of DataStax software. As a member of the DataStax Professional Services team, it is your mission to make it easy for DataStax customers to use our software to achieve continuous success.
With your Data Science consulting specialization, you will be providing guidance to our customers using DataStax Enterprise Analytics to understand their data, develop innovations around that understanding, apply techniques of machine learning (supervised and unsupervised learning, feature selection, etc.), and apply scalable technologies and techniques to operationalize those innovations at massive scale.
Essential Job Functions:
Work on-site or remotely with customers to support their adoption of DSE:
Understand > Document > Contribute > Assess > Communicate
Understand the customer’s business requirements to align the technical objectives of the project with desired business outcomes.
Understand the project’s technical requirements, objectives and timeline to:
Maximize the value realized by the customer’s DataStax investment
Appropriately expand DSE feature usage
Deliver context-sensitive recommendations
Bring additional resources to bear, if necessary
Deliver the scope of work designed by the DataStax Architect to:
drive the customer toward the agreed-upon solution
know when to engage the Architect for additional input or clarification
know when to escalate for scope expansion
Document the project’s environment: people, processes and technologies to:
Facilitate engagement delivery coordination
Smooth project handoff between consultants
Equip team members in the Professional Services, Customer Success, Technical Pre-Sales and Technical Support teams with background and context for future engagements / support issues
Become an enablement case study
Contribute relevant DataStax Enterprise usage recommendations to the project as well as mentoring and/or formal instruction to the project team. Collaborate with the customer and other DataStax team members to advance the customer’s agenda. Document the project’s progress, implementation and your contributions to… [ see “Document” purposes above ].
Assess the impact of your contributions relative to the scope of work and project’s objectives and timeline. Conduct engagement retrospectives to drive the implementation of recommendations. Coordinate the escalation of adoption roadblocks to the project’s leadership and DataStax Project Management. Actively participate in resolution. Own your impact.
Communicate progress and other pertinent information with stakeholders within the project, company and DataStax to:
Coordinate delivery timing
Bring attention to successes
Give notice of potential challenges on the horizon
Rally support from other team members and management
Give notice for follow-on sales presentations
As part of the “Contribute” section above, you may be called upon to provide guidance based on:
Specialization: DataStax Enterprise Analytics best practices for writing, deploying, operating and monitoring Spark jobs.
Specialization: Generic methods of analyzing and manipulating data commonly found in “customer 360”, personalization, fraud detection and other common DataStax customer use cases to provide focused guidance to projects developing for those use cases.
DataStax Enterprise best-practices for operations, including configuration, capacity planning, deployment, performance tuning, maintenance, monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting & diagnosis to support core product use, deployment and operations.
DataStax Enterprise best-practices for development, including data modeling, driver configuration (in multiple languages), distributed data processing, indexing and distributed transactional programming to support teams developing API code which uses DataStax Enterprise.
Job Requirements:
You are competent using Linux via the command line. (3+ years)
You are proficient in at least one programming language – preferably Scala. (2-5 years)
You are proficient in the use and administration of at least one database – any RDBMS is good; NoSQL is better; DSE or Cassandra is ideal. (3+ years)
You love to travel. In this role, you will travel up to 50% of the time.
You practice active listening.
You have strong verbal and written communication skills in English – and like using those skills.
You find teaching and mentoring gratifying.
You work well with individuals as well as teams. You naturally lead but are comfortable following too.
You have calmly de-escalated tense situations and negotiated mutually beneficial outcomes.
You understand the purpose and value of good project documentation.
Data Science Specialization Requirements:
You have hands-on experience with advanced machine learning, data mining, statistical inference, mathematical modeling, and mathematical optimization techniques and technologies.
You have worked with Spark (2+ years)
You are proficient with a language commonly used for Spark development. (Scala is ideal; +Python is a bonus)
You have used ML algorithms, incorporated features and built models to improve performance based on key business metrics.
You understand the following principles:
Time Series
Classification Algorithms
Recommender Systems
Feature Engineering
Data Manipulation & Cleaning
In this role, you will report to a regional Managing Principal Architect. On a per-project basis, you will work under the technical direction of a Senior or Principal Consultant and collaborate with an Architect. Project teams may also include a Project Manager and one or more DataStax Field Engineers.