Senior Product Marketing Manager at Periscope
San Francisco, CA, US

Our Marketing team’s mission is to develop the Periscope Data brand and build awareness while also generating interest in our product. As a Product Marketing Manager, you’ll be responsible for marketing and positioning our product across the right channels, with the right message, to continue driving growth. We’re looking for someone with the experience and track record to help us accomplish two things:

Build and manage a content library to fuel and support the sales engine.
Define marketing plans and positioning strategy by channel.
This role is critical to our marketing strategy going forward. Our content library is in the early days, thus this person will have the ability to define content strategy for Periscope’s growing portfolio while experimenting with channels, personas, and feature-based positioning.


Periscope’s Head of Product Marketing has a strategic, broad-ranging enterprise software background that is looking for your experience and market knowledge. He has led successful product management, product marketing, and business development teams at hyper growth companies. This is a great opportunity to broaden your skills in enterprise sales and product.

Being a data driven company, we use our own product to evaluate the ROI of our campaigns. We also work very closely with our Analytics and Business Engineering teams. The opportunity to join the “founding” marketing team doesn’t present itself often -- build the content and sales collateral library, plus product marketing strategy from the ground up.


Within your first week...

Spend time with the marketing, product, and sales teams to get up-to-speed on Periscope’s product, value props, and sales strategy.
By Day 30...

You’ve mastered the Periscope product - and can demo it in your sleep.
You will have delivered a few pieces of content, and locked down your content pipeline.
Day 60...

You’ve married the content pipeline with marketing strategy, and began experimenting using content across specific marketing channels.
Build and drive the process for feature announcements and customer communication - setting a standard in the SaaS industry for speed.
You have built a Periscope dashboard to measure and provide clarity around marketing strategy.
Day 90...

The foundation of our content library is built, and we are focusing on refinement and updates.
Leading a good portion of upcoming launch activities - while coordinating stakeholders across the company.

You’ve successfully delivered internal and external content with proven metrics that boost product revenue.
Your customer case studies are rivaled in the industry and you have the data to prove it.
You’re comfortable marketing to a diverse audience, ranging from the business user to a more technical crowd.
You have marketed products to data, analyst, or related persona’s, and have familiarity with the BI/Analytics market.
The Sales and Product teams you’ve worked with in the past rave about the collateral you have produced.
You have the ability to synthesize multiple point-of-views quickly, and articulate into a consistent and streamlined voice for the market.
You are data driven and like to measure the impact and outcome of your work.

We're a small, venture-funded team with hundreds of customers working out of a office in SoMA.
We're a kind, curious, tight-knit bunch. We eat together, toast our shared accomplishments together, and often spend holidays and ski trips together.
We are on-boarding rapidly! The team grew from 20 to 69 in 2016, and will grow to 140 and beyond in 2017.
We believe strongly in a data-driven approach to all that we do. We're constantly measuring and optimizing everything about the business.
We have close relationships with our customers. We see customers several times a month, and email with them several times a week.