Scientist, Fundamental Science at Zymergen
Emeryville, CA, US
Zymergen is hiring a distinctive Scientist to develop techniques for high-throughput microbial strain culturing. The Scientist will join a team working in collaboration with partner companies to advance the tools and techniques applied to existing microbes used in large scale industrial fermentation. At Zymergen, the Scientist will work together with other scientists, automation engineers, and software engineers to develop micro-well plate scale models for microbe growth and production, and then enable their use in high throughput workflows. In addition, the Scientist will be part of the foundational technical team and will have the opportunity to shape the scientific environment and establish best practices within a growing company.

Immediate responsibilities include:

Developing tools and techniques for the genetic engineering of various microbes, including those used for industrial production
Using knowledge of microbial metabolism and phenotypic analysis data to select a broad array of targets for strain improvement
Guiding the development and implementation of molecular biology tools for an automated, high-throughput strain engineering platform
Developing plate models for non-standard microbes that align to growth and production data from large scale bioreactors
The nature of the work at the company is such that every few quarters new projects begin, and Scientists will be expected to bring creativity, perseverance, and expert planning and execution of experiments to each new project.


We favor candidates with substantial experience designing and executing experiments in lab: PhD, MS with 4+ years working experience, or BS with 7+ years working experience. We are interested in candidates with technical training in biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, or chemistry. Lastly, we look for candidates that have a track record of displaying creativity in developing new protocols and techniques to speed work in lab.

We favor Scientists with experience in some or all of the following areas:

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry:
Proficiency with techniques used to build large DNA assemblies from a library of DNA parts
Expertise using a variety of DNA transformation techniques into both eukaryotes and prokaryotes
Skill with standard methodologies to isolate and purify proteins and characterize activities.
Cell Biology and Physiology:
Familiar with microbial physiology for a variety of host microbes, including eukaryotes and prokaryotes
Knowledgeable regarding cellular metabolism including the ability to generate ideas for engineering new phenotypes into host microbes
Understanding of processes associated with target molecule production, including energy usage, product transport, impact on growth and health, etc.
Target molecule production and detection:
Success developing aerobic and anaerobic plate models to mimic at scale production
Experience using a variety of fluorescence, spectroscopic, and chromatographic measurement techniques to detect target molecules
Familiarity with a variety of bioreactor operation modes (batch, fed batch, continuous) including ability to run them using bench scale equipment
Advanced Tools:
Adept at utilizing automation to assist with complicated or lengthy workflows
Capable of developing software scripts to assist designing experiments and processing data
Competent in using statistics to strengthen experimental design and enable robust data analysis
Previous experience in the field of synthetic biology is not essential.

Our facility is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.