Industrial Engineer (Entry-Level) at Zymergen
Emeryville, CA, US
Our Industrial Engineering group is expanding given the large number of projects that need to be delivered over the course of 2017, to implement improvement opportunities to production processes and systems in time to increase throughput and reduce turnaround. The group currently does not have the capacity to support all the needs of Ops given the backlog of projects. We are looking to hire someone in Q1 or early Q2.

The IE group is responsible for identifying optimization opportunities in the production system, and applying industrial engineering approaches to eliminate waste, increase throughput, and enable rapid turnaround. The current areas of focus are:

1.) Supporting the implementation of Operation workflow management and materials resource systems to track actual performance and monitor the health of the factory. This includes cycle time management, work in process (WIP) level control, inventory tracking and consumption.

2.) Process characterization for strain engineering and testing, and supporting the process owners (i.e., scientists) in experimental design and interpretation of the data.

3.) Derive and maintain simulation model inputs.

The IE group is expected to expand significantly over the next 2-3 years given the planned large scale expansion for the Production facility. Candidate will have the opportunity to participate in planning the expansion as well as optimizing current processes to ensure most efficient production system is designed and implemented. Strong performers have significant opportunities for personal growth, skills development and role expansion, both technical and managerial.

Upon integration into the team, this person will be introduced to our production facility (several in person/online training sessions), its processes and team leaders over the course of the first month. In addition, this person will be learning about the production facility by observing the work being done, working with the operators to understand their routine and identifying areas to improve the processes.

In parallel, this person will start on 1-2 projects and “learn on the job” while working with an experienced industrial engineer in the group. Over time (3-6 months), the candidate is expected to gain fuller independence working with process owners, identifying improvement opportunities and resolving issues.

Must have a Bachelor's Degree, Industrial Engineering is ideal but we are open to different backgrounds, as long as the candidate has 0-2 years industrial engineering experience. We are looking for someone who is curious and continuously develops himself/herself.

Top “must haves” for role. Must be able to demonstrate strong technical understanding of the following:

(1) Discrete event simulation experience; Simio software preferred.

(2) Data analysis skills and statistics.

(3) Zymergen uses JMP but we are open to experience with R, Matlab, MiniTab, or other similar software (we will train on JMP if another tool is knows; but must know another tool).

Data exploration and visualization and SQL proficiency are nice-to-have.

Top personality trait: person must be able engage with process owners and interface with people.

JMP experience is beneficial to have but we are open to other types of statistical software experience like MiniTab.

Masters in Industrial Engineering is a nice-to-have.

This is an exciting time in the expansion of Zymergen, where a new person will have the opportunity to both be involved in the process improvements with process owners, as well as the expansion of the production facility. Best practice Industrial Engineering principles from the automotive and semiconductor industries have not yet been applied in our operation. The candidate will have the opportunity to significantly impact the future of our operation.

The company has highly motivated, smart scientists, engineers and laboratory staff with a passion for using technology and software in biology. It is a very analytical environment with cross-functional teams working together to solve new problems. Input from a variety of perspective is sought after and appreciated. It is also a fund working environment where people are engaged and driven.

Founded in 2013 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zymergen is a technology company unlocking the power of biology. We deliver better economics for products made from biology that are used across industries, bring new products to market faster, and develop novel products. Our proprietary platform uses robots and machine learning to engineer microbes faster, more predictably, and to a level of performance previously unattainable. These microbes, and the products they produce, have broad applications across industries such as chemicals and materials, agriculture, and healthcare. For more information visit