SDK Engineer at LaunchDarkly
Oakland, CA, US
LaunchDarkly is a rapidly growing software company with a strong mission and vision carried out by a talented and diverse team of employees. Our goal is to help teams build better software, faster. You'll join a small team from companies like Atlassian, Intercom, and Twitter, and you'll have an immediate impact with our product and customers.

LaunchDarkly is looking for an SDK engineer to help build our server‐side platform support. The ideal candidate has experience developing SDKs embedded in external web applications. This means understanding the complexity and restrictions of releasing and maintaining software embedded in customer applications. Engineers with a low-level understanding of multiple platforms (e.g. the JVM, Ruby, and Node.js), performance and load testing, and a focus on releasing and maintaining high-quality software will thrive in this role.

Understanding our space and our customers (we build tools for developers) is critical, but previous experience building for developers isn't a necessary prerequisite— as long as you're willing to learn.

Contribute to SDK development for our supported platforms (Ruby, Python, Go, Node.js, JavaScript, Java, .NET)
Be a front-line responder for issues filed by customers
Work directly with our CTO and development team to define our architecture, and help define our client‐server networking model

Strong understanding of networking technologies, plus practical experience dealing with networking issues in mobile environments
Experience contributing to open-source software
Polyglot background— fluency in at least one other programming language, and an ability to context switch quickly between languages
Strong understanding of concurrency and threading on multiple platforms
Proven ability to mentor and provide technical leadership
Self‐starter and problem solver, willing to solve difficult problems and work independently when necessary
Testing background: experience building unit, integration, load tests, and benchmarks
LaunchDarkly serves 4 billion feature flags daily to help software teams build better software, faster. LaunchDarkly gives you the power to to separate feature rollout from code deployment, putting power in the hands of the business and freeing up developers. Teams can deliver faster, more personalized software with less risk. Companies use our feature flag management platform to control the whole feature lifecycle from launch to sunsetting and manage feature flags at scale. LaunchDarkly has server-side, client-side and mobile SDKs, including .NET, PHP, Python, Node.js, Java, JavaScript, Ruby/Rails, Go, iOS, and Android. LaunchDarkly is headquartered in San Francisco.