Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Periscope Data
San Francisco, CA, US
At Periscope Data, engineers work the whole stack - from shipping UI to optimizing the billions of rows in the data cache.

We're constantly making the SQL faster and the charting more powerful. You'll be working on the full stack: from the Go and Java servers managing giant database clusters to the Rails and CoffeeScript frontends.

What You'll Do
First day: you'll ship new code to production.
First week: you'll build at least one customer-facing feature.
First month: you'll write code at every level of the stack, from cache backends to web servers to UI code.
First 6 months: you'll rebuild a major piece of the Periscope stack to support our ever-increasing scale.
About You
You have loads of evidence of all the code you write and ship.
You believe strongly that shipping is a feature. You're comfortable with tradeoffs. You understand instinctively that today >> tomorrow.
You have at least a hobbyist-level relationship with data. You find that moment when a datapoint makes you say "hmmm..." to be delightful.
You're excited to pitch in wherever the team needs help, from writing blog posts to supporting customers.
About Us
We're a small, venture-funded team with hundreds of customers working out of a warehouse in the Dogpatch.
We're obsessively customer-focused. The customer's experience is the highest priority.
We ship code phenomenally quickly.
We have close relationships with our customers. We see customers several times a month, and email with them throughout the week.
Recent Engineering Projects
Speeding up metrics calculations by over 10,000X by implementing them as parallel bitwise operations on bitsets.
Improving chart render speed by over 100X by reimplementing on top of Canvas instead of SVG.
Auto-ETLing entire customer databases into our data cache while targeting < 1hr freshness on all customer data.
Implementing cross-database query translation and cross-database joins.
Our Interview Process
We want to know what it's like to work together; there are never any riddles or whiteboards.
First you'll see Periscope and how customers use it. Later we'll code together online, or review your solution to an offline code challenge. And when you come on site to meet the team, you'll spend a couple hours pair programming in the Periscope codebase.
Periscope's most important feature is our phenomenal development speed. We deploy to production an average of 9.7 times per day. Much of this is cultural, and much of it is investing in anything that will reduce drag on the team, like fully automated testing, one-click test-and-deploys, and great whiskey. (Wait, what?)

We plan to double our team in the next six months. If you learn quickly and have that get-shit-done attitude, we'd love to talk to you!