Sr. Software Engineer - Cloud Services at Twilio
San Francisco, CA, US / Mountain View, CA, US
The Twilio platform enables companies to integrate communications directly into their applications via simple cloud APIs and with on-demand global reach. Twilio is therefore challenged with abstracting away a world of complexity so that our customers can go global without concern for managing a global communications network, carrier integrations and relationships throughout the world.

About the job:

As a member of our communications teams you will implement real-time voice services based on protocols such as SIP, RTP and WebRTC. To take it to scale, you will be developing a complex distributed platform with points of presence globally and will be concerned with availability, throughput, latency, media fidelity as well as real-time considerations. There will be a significant data component so you will be working with distributed SQL and NoSQL databases and caches. At the core are cloud technologies that enable deployment and management of computing resources globally.


Collaborate with Product Managers, Architects and Engineering leaders to define, architect and build new customer-facing features.
Own, operate, and maintain your team’s services in a distributed production environment. Employ Agile methodologies to continuously deliver value to customers.
Drive quality by writing unit, functional, load and performance tests.
Work closely with DevOps engineers to ensure services are reliable, scalable, manageable and supportable. Develop diagnostic and troubleshooting tools made available via our developer portal and to our customer support organization.
Excel as an engineer and be a productive member of the team where leadership is a behavioral trait, not a title. Lead architecture, design and code reviews as well as mentor junior engineers.

Minimum 5 years hands-on experience developing and scaling complex distributed systems based on Java, C++ or .NET technologies. You are an expert in at least one web stack and framework.
Extensive experience scaling production backend systems. You can design and develop horizontally-scalable, resilient and performing-under-load systems. You have scaled data tiers employing a variety of SQL/NoSQL database and caching technologies.
Hands on experience with cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services, OpenStack or Azure.
Master of agile processes, continuous integration and test automation.
Capable of operating from conception through continuous operation of 24x7 services.
Ideally, you have experience in a production DevOps environment.